WLAN's provide flexible data communications implemented as an extension to, or as an alternative for, a hardwired Ethernet LAN. Businesses where mobility is essential, quick return on investment is paramount or hardwired installations are difficult, are excellent environments for wireless applications. Outdoor point-to-point and point-to-multipoint designs enhance return on investment by eliminating the recurring costs of leased lines.

Whatever you attribute it to (whether today's mobile office, telecommuting or the high cost of laying cable or leased lines) the wireless movement is quickly gaining momentum. New competitively priced gear and performance enhancements have put wireless technologies at a level approaching wired capabilities, with comparative prices.

Network Builders has been excitedly watching these industry advancements, all the while positioning ourselves as a leader in this emerging technology. We are one of the few organizations capable of providing a full wireless solution: site survey, architecture and installation to quality assurance, documentation and ongoing support. This model allows for a single point of accountability; improving problem solving and the quality of end deliverables.

As an organization we are committed to keeping abreast of the newest technologies and implementations, whether it be a new standard or a wireless security solution. As with all of our other services, we are vendor neutral so as to provide the best solution to fit specific and unique client needs.

Our wireless practice follows the same methodology of all our engineering services. We are diligent in understanding our clients' business and networking needs and then designing a customized solution based on these requirements. Training is standard with all our solutions, and managed services will be tailored to client need.

Network Builders has numerous referencable wireless installs, both indoor and outdoor. We offer on-site spares, flexible maintenance agreements, access to outdoor path loss analysis software and a broad support base of industry-specialized technicians. As new standards are ratified, new equipment is being developed and security standards continue to advance, Network Builders will remain an industry-leader in wireless networking services.

Network Builders' engineers are involved in the survey, design and roll-out of metro area networks, data/voice wireless campus networks, point-to-point links and indoor LAN applications. Network Builders generates effective feasibility studies and cost analyses for organizations like yours. Call us for a competitive quote!

Figure w.1 Building-to-Building LAN Extension

In order to determine outdoor path viability, Network Builders utilizes satellite-enabled GPS, cadastral maps and special software do do line-of-site surveys like figure w.2 below.

Figure w.2: Line-of-Site Survey Results:

From line-of-site surveys and on-site and on-site inspections, a complete path-loss analysis generated, showing end-to-end decibel (signal) loss at a given frequency.

Depending on the physical path analysis, overall application and RF (radio frequency) environment, the equipment is selected (bridges and/or routers, towers, antennae, physical mounting hardware, cabling, and other equipment) and the overall throughput expectations and cost details are conveyed to the client.

Network Builders and its affiliates operate in the 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz,and 38GHz broadband spectrums, as well as with laser equipment at speeds up to OC-12. Whether you application is line-of-site or not, downtown or rural, Network Builders can most often solve your connectivity requirements without wires.

Network Builders also has in-house tech spares and offers complete support packages and 24x7 network monitoring. For more details, please click to the Service and Support page