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Network Builders Inc./Bell Canada partner to provide Wireless Broadband design and installation to service each of the Pepsi Bottling Group Distribution locations throughout Canada.

January 2004

Network Builders and Bell Canada have been awarded a National contract by the Pepsi Bottling Group. This PBG/Bell/NBI collaboration will provide for the replacement / upgrade of the Cisco core network infrastructure for PBG distribution points in more than 50 cities across Canada.

These core network enhancements will provide the backdrop for a Cisco/Symbol/Intermec 802.11b wireless network overlay to complement and enhance the Pepsi distribution and productivity model.

The comprehensive goal of the aforementioned processes is to create a complimentary solution with a focus on availability, reliability, performance, scalability, security and the ability to capitalize on and migrate to emerging standards. The WLAN will be used to provide first stage wireless accessibility to the PBG drivers for the purpose of "real time" processing including but not limited to; up/downloading product, delivery, tracking, inventory, auditing etc.

NBI will provide all survey, auditing, configuration, implementation, quality assurance and documentation services for this engagement as well as the ongoing monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair as per the comprehensive SLA with the Pepsi Bottling Group.

The Pepsi Bottling Group is the world's largest manufacturer, seller and distributor of Pepsi-Cola beverages with operations in the United States, Canada, Greece, Mexico, Russia, Spain and Turkey.
PBG accounts for more than half of the Pepsi-Cola beverages sold in North America and about 40 percent of the Pepsi-Cola beverages worldwide. In 2003, PBG produced and sold more than one billion physical cases of beverages.

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