Knowledge is a company's greatest asset. Access to accurate and timely information demands data networking solutions which are flexible and robust… New applications must be integrated, which could over-saturate the existing infrastructure…Mergers and acquisitions require organizations to develop a data network infrastructure which will allow the newly formed business entity to grow rapidly and respond immediately…Business factor such as those listed above demand enterprise networking solutions which are well designed in order to ensure future growth and success.

Switches, firewalls, routers and LAN/WAN links lie at the heart of computing environments and form the basis for connectivity and data transfer. Although the components of this infrastructure are highly reliable, the impact of potential outages or limitations can be devastating. As such, most organizations seek to ensure the efficient operation of their distributed computing environment.

Engineering Services from Network Builders responds to this market need. Network Builders provides a proven, cost-effective methodology for the design, implementation and maintenance of mission critical networks.

Network Builders networking solution is comprehensive and systematic. Our highly trained professionals will assess your existing network, along with understanding current and future requirements and based on this understanding we can recommend and implement a solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Our design team follows a four-phase project approach when designing and implementing a customer's network. A brief summary of each of the four phases is provided:

Phase 1: Business Requirements Analysis

Technology is simply a tool to leverage business efficiencies. Network Builders will work with the client to understand all of the business requirements inherent in the project. This stage must be completely accurate and exhaustive as the remainder of the project depends upon its integrity. Once the business requirements are clearly defined and documented, Network Builders will move onto the next phase.

Phase 2: Network Discovery

Once the scope of the work is defined, Network Builders will use monitoring tools to gain an understanding of the current network performance. Through capturing and analyzing network traffic, network speed, along with software and hardware configurations we will be able to provide an assessment of the network health. Interviews will also be conducted with key clients to obtain information on additional network problems and issues.

Findings from all aspects of the discovery will be presented to the customer for approval before moving into Phase 3.

Phase 3: Network Analysis and Recommendation

This phase will produce a network assessment report summarizing findings from the first two phases. The data from the network discovery phase will be analyzed and summarized. Critical factors such as scalability, security, data integrity and capacity are addressed in this phase. The cause of any known network problems and bottlenecks will be identified in this phase. The recommendations will include solutions to fix existing problems and leverage new technology in an effort to lower operating costs or increase network performance. The integration of industry best practices within the client's environment will also be recommended where it is shown to increase operational efficiencies.

Phase 4: Long Term Network Design

In the final phase, Network Builders provides the customer with a new network design and architecture. This network is strategically designed based on a thorough understanding of business and system requirements, current issues, future growth and corporate vision. It will lay a solid foundation for corporate growth.

Following these phases, or separate to such an engagement, Network Builders is able to provide full integration services. These services include physical-layer configuration and installation; network management solutions; network administration; network troubleshooting and backup and recovery solutions.

In addition, every Network Builder's solution includes training. At Network Builders we believe that knowledge transfer is a key component for optimizing the value of any network investment, and we offer customized training for all solutions we provide (network equipment, software or ancillary technology).

A key differentiator of Network Builder's Engineering Services is our ability to remain completely vendor neutral. We do not lead with any vendor, rather we seek to understand objectively your unique business and network requirements. From this understanding we are able to customize a solution to achieve your business goals and strategic objectives.

Whether you are concerned about security, faster backbone speeds, content networking or just staying ahead, Network Builder's Engineering Services can help. Our broad range of services has enabled the most demanding clients to grow and thrive in a fiercely competitive market.